How to remove acne scars

In thіѕ video I demonstrate two very easy tο dο home remedies fοr removing acne scars аnd redness

17 Responses to “How to remove acne scars”

  1. AllNatural28 Says:

    yes I’m sorry I forgot to mention that.
    thank you for watching:)

  2. nKATHY7 Says:

    do you wash your face before you rub the potato

  3. RamsonRulez Says:

    @AllNatural28 So you mean to say that your face is clear and shiny and scar free..Thanks to tomatoes and potatoes?..
    Well..I occationally use lemon but i will try this thank you.

  4. RamsonRulez Says:

    @TheHighVic He’s skin turned red and started to burn like hell?…ahahahaahahah..epic..

  5. AllNatural28 Says:

    Then I guess you should just try the potatoes.
    Thank you for watching :)

  6. AllNatural28 Says:

    Yes :)

  7. TheHighVic Says:

    friend of mine tried tomatos.. he’s skin turned red and started to burn like hell.. he is not allergic to tomato either.. so what should i do? i dont wanna be burned again!

  8. RamsonRulez Says:

    Acne scars?..You mean the Red marks and dark spots eft by pimples?

  9. tran5990 Says:

    good tip! gnna try it ! haha. this is kinda random but wheres that accent from? i like ur accent aahaha

  10. AllNatural28 Says:

    I can honestly say that within the first week of trying this half of my scars were gone! But you also have to make sure you don’t add unnecessary dirt on your face for example try to touch your face as little as possible during the day. Thanks for watching! :)

  11. AllNatural28 Says:

    You can try but this is mostly used for acne scars. Thank you for watching :)

  12. xfashionxjunkiex Says:

    did your scars disapper ??

  13. mimi4maui Says:

    do the potatoes also get rid of acne!?!?!

  14. AllNatural28 Says:

    lol well your supposed to do it on your face. It was just easier for me to demonstrate on my hand I’m sorry if I confused you.
    Have a great day and thank you for watching! :)

  15. beckieieie Says:

    yes this will take care of the acne scars on my hand….

  16. krazi13579 Says:

    not a good way to start of the vid,first thing you see is a bowl of some weird looking stuff you want us to put on our face!…lol…but yea i like this tip.ty

  17. NoraDlist Says:

    very good thanks for the tip