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Removing Acne Scars [ #61]

Via – Aggressive acne саn result іn acne scars, whісh range frοm being mundane tο emotionally debilitating. Bυt thе gοοd news іѕ thаt thеу саn bе removed. Dr. Schultz ехрlаіnѕ thе different options fοr removing acne scars.

11 Responses to “Removing Acne Scars [ #61]”

  1. dermTVdotcom Says:

    @ravi48819: Punch grafts do take skin from a donor site (e.g. behind the ear) and place the graft in the place where the scar is removed from. But in most areas on the face, acne scars can be removed with the same punch procedure used to prep for the punch graft but instead of placing the graft, the skin is sutured closed and leaves a tiny thin straight line instead of the circular line left by punch grafts. Sewing the skin closed leaves no depression.

  2. SoccerKnight11 Says:

    @dermTVdotcom ok thanks, i also have another question. im 13 and i recently got a few pimples. i popped one and it left a dark spot on my forehead. will it go away?

  3. ravi48819 Says:


    “22 ice pick scars cut out.”

    Dr Schultz,

    Is this different than “punch grafts” wherein skin from behind the ear is grafted onto the ice pick scar?

    I am confused because it would seem that simply cutting out the ice sick scar would not fix the depression in the skin.

  4. dermTVdotcom Says:

    @SoccerKnight11: There is no age you have to be to get rid of the ice pick marks/scars, however, one should wait until their acne is under control so youre not breaking out any more and thus not making new scars. It would be a shame to get them all cleaned up and then from new acne outbreaks actually get new scars.

  5. dermTVdotcom Says:

    @anthonynevels: The treatment of dark, flat brown spots is discussed in the DermTV Episode titled, “How to Remove Brown Spots,” in which treatment with bleaches, exfoliants and strict sunblock use is explained. Small black heads are best treated with exfoliants and benzyl peroxide but make sure you don’t over use them since irritation from them could aggravate the brown spot problem.

  6. SoccerKnight11 Says:

    This video was rlly helpful for me. thank you. i have one question though, what age do you have to be to get rid of icepick scar?

  7. anthonynevels Says:

    i am an african american and my acne is under control but i have flat dark scars all over my face, shoulder, chest, and back from bad acne how do i get and even tone skin so i can feel confortable shirtless in water parks……….also how do i rid fustrating small black head all over my face,back, and shoulder

  8. dermTVdotcom Says:

    @samuel199166: Ice pick scars even on your nose can be cut out. To do so, the scar area is numbed with local anesthesia (so you don’t feel anything; no pain) and the scar is cut out with a circular instrument that looks a little like an apple coring instrument. The scar tissue is then lifted out and then the two opposite sides of the round hole that’s left are sewn closed. The stitch is left in one week and then removed. Cost can be $300-$500 per scar.

  9. samuel199166 Says:

    I have just 3 to 4 ice-pick scars on my nose… And how exactly can that be “cut- out”? Is the process painful? And what will be the cost for such surgery?

  10. dermTVdotcom Says:

    Amnesteem and all other brands of isotretinoin cure acne but have no effect on existing acne scars. Because it cures acne by turning off oil glands it slows some types of skin healing so you should wait a few months after you finish isotretinoin before doing procedures to fix scars. There is no age limitation on fixing acne scars but one common sense rule: wait until the acne is cured before fixing the scars because if you are still breaking out, you’ll then have to possibly fix more scars!

  11. rolandochabla Says:

    could u use amnesteem isotretinoin to remove acne scars
    how old u have to be to this procedure